Large painting. Late night. Long way to go.

Just checked out @nychos painting a HUGE wall in Oakland. Absolutely amazing work! He’s got a solo show tomorrow night at 5024 Gallery in San Francisco. All of the Bay Area needs to be there!

Color + anatomy.

Playing with oils on this bright sunny day.

Threw a little gesso over this guy. Next step, oils!

Hey me, check me out! I just put up my new Emerald Skull hoodie on! (Ability to clone oneself varies per hoodie)

Charcoal? More like char-cool! Hehe, I love using this stuff before I start a painting.

Here are the winning order numbers for the free Robber of Graves print we raffled off this past weekend: 30039, 30009, 30029, 30018, 30008.
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Only a couple of hand painted books left at our booth! I had fun doing these. I try and put a few on the online store next week for those of you who want them, but couldn’t make it to Seattle. Thanks to all who came by! #ECCC

Ack Ack! Low light bar sketch on my book cover. #eccc #booth917 #zerofriends