Kerry. Fucking. King. #slayer #zerofriends. #zfsdcc #fanboymoment

I’m gonna head over to the ZeroFriends booth with @wayshak at 3:30 if any of you folk wanna stop by and say hi! Booth 5502, right inside the A entrance. #zfsdcc (at Zerofriends Booth 5502)

Haha, you all get the nightmares! This shirt will be available at our Zerofriends booth (5502, right inside the hall A entrance). Please wear this shirt and pass around a few nightmares for me, k thanks! (at Zerofriends Booth 5502)

Sculpting clouds on my way to San Diego Comic Con!

My Phobia prints are up at! $10 each, or $30 for the set. I think my favorite is the spider. What do think?

Last night ruled. I went to the Behexen show with @theartofskinner and @quake1986, stole some bases with Rickey, BlackFuckingCancer ruled, and then somehow I put holes in my hand in the pit.

I’ll be giving this drawing away this weekend. Stay tuned for more details :)

Another bro day at ZeroFriends! Signing books with @wayshak @69n8vandyke @rat136 @rickywatts @bowenstuff @quake1986 @alexpardee and of course @theartofskinner!!!

Signing books with my bros! @quake1986 @alexpardee #haveagreatsummer

The book is up on!